Covid-19 Pandemic Appeal

While our principal mission is to enhance learning experience of underprivileged academics in developing countries with our primary focus being in Zimbabwe. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, The Baobab Tree Trust has expanded its mission to include working toward assisting the severely stretched Zimbabwean healthcare system.

The Baobab Tree Trust has initiated work toward the facilitation and set-up of Micro-Credential programs focusing on the development of technological solutions to mitigate challenges posed by lack of testing equipment and PPE kits within Zimbabwe.

TBTT is working toward developing technological solutions for:
• The identification of Underlying Conditions Population (UCP)
• The UCP Contact tracing
• Mitigation of the spread of fake news through authentication


We believe addressing these enables the creation of a focused strategy targeted at the high-risk population likely to succumb to COVID-19 following exposure. These high-risk people will form a Underlying Conditions Population Segmentation (UCPS) bubble, which can then be used for more targeted aid, tracing etc.

We will be launching an online campaign to collect data of the high-risk population to initiate the UCPS database creation.

TBTT believes in Africa having a more targeted Social Distancing approach which will be including a contact tracing system that can be used to mitigate infections spreading to the most at risk will be a better solution for us.



(Work we have already started)

Awareness Campaigns

Word of mouth

We are working with youth in Zimbabwe who are going around their communities educating people on COVID-19, symptoms of COVID-19, how to prevent COVID-19 & the importance of social distancing and staying at home as far as possible during the peak of the virus.

Educational posters/Flyers

We have been creating & distributing material covering what COVID-19 is,  its symptoms & prevention, & the importance of social distancing. These have been distributed on social media sites, handed out to people in the street and also posted on buildings across Zimbabwe.

Social Media

We are running educational campaigns which include the distribution of COVID-19 educational material ON Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. We have WhatsApp communication groups where we give daily updates & run Q & A sessions by inviting medical professionals to offer guidance.

Sanitizer appeal